We were so excited to be interviewed by Carloine Abkar for a feature article in Your San Diego Realty! Check it out:

Do you know what happens when two artistic entrepreneurs abound with creativity, vision, and technology know-how? The rise of two award winning sister ventures named Arise Interiors and Arise Design. The first will transform any interior space into a visually stunning, functional masterpiece that reflects her clients’ dreams and wants. The second will create a compelling brand, website and content based on your business’ raison d’être so you can attract and connect with your clients.

Caroline Abkar: Joe and Traci, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

Joe Metcalf: Sure! We met at Art school in Denver, where Traci was studying Interior Design and I, Fine Art. We like to joke that Traci was learning how to make money at Art and I was learning how to make Art. We ended up in San Diego by chance, and we always knew we would work together in some way. I was drawn to Web Design out of passion and talent.

Traci Taylor: My mother is an Interior Designer and my dad a Real Estate developer. I loved what I saw growing up and it fell into place for me. Both mine and Joe’s parents are entrepreneurs and being exposed to it since a young age has developed a passion to go in that direction for both of us.

Caroline Abkar:  Why did you create Arise Design and Arise Interiors?

Joe Metcalf: We were always driven by the desire to do better than what existed out there. About 6 years ago, Traci was wrapping up her 10-year career remodeling kitchens and baths with Design Studio West. I was working as a freelance Graphic & Web Designer and we decided to merge our services. I knew I wanted to go into the Creative/Artistic direction of building brands and websites following the outpouring of support by those I had helped as a freelancer. We started out by working out of our house and quickly outgrew our space. We founded Arise Art Group, a multidisciplinary design firm that we since have partitioned into two sister companies, namely Arise Design and Arise Interiors.

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