[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]They say a photo is worth a 1000 words. If you are responsible for choosing the best photographs for your website, you’re going to want those words to be positive!

Every day we talk with our clients about the elements of a photograph that point to it being “best in class.” Because we are living in a world saturated with images, standing out has become harder to do. Also, your viewer has become highly attuned to the quality of your images. Posed, staged actors pretending to be coworkers can be spotted a mile away, causing most stock photos to be less than desirable options. Bold, unique content with a compelling story is most likely to captivate and engage anyone visiting your website.

2016 Photo Trends

As a part of the Getty Images Creative Research Team, Pam Grossman identified 4 factors for 2016 she believes will communicate a powerful visual. We were so impressed with this summary, we decided to share it lock, stock, and barrel! Here they are…


The age of heavily retouched models is over. With the proliferation of social media and camera phones in virtually every pocket, we’ve become far more use to seeing a wide variety of aesthetics and options pop up on the visual landscape. Real people with real bodies are more popular than ever, as are images that have a bit of blur, sun flares, glitches, or other imperfections.

“Using imagery like this in your projects adds a spirit of authenticity, trustworthiness, and heart to your message. And it celebrates how life really is in all of its messy splendor.”


Showing people of varied backgrounds and experiences is no longer an option, it is imperative. Visibility and equal representation is top of mind these days, so campaigns must continue to be as diverse as possible. Inclusivity is not only the right thing to do, it’s what the market is asking for. And there as many ways to be inclusive as there are human beings in the world.

“The key is to embrace differences while highlighting the universal humanity that connects us all. This means using images that are contemporary, respectful, and let each person’s inner light shine forth.”


The more time we all spend on screens, the more designers try to engage our senses, and make us forget we’re viewing much of the world through remote digital windows. Cameras are more sophisticated than ever before, which can capture images that have extreme points of view and strike powerful emotional cords. This is happening at every scale. We’re seeing a rise in lush, macro images of objects that make us feel as though we can reach out and touch the fuzz of a peach or smell the plumes of incense smoke. At the same time, we’re seeing images that utilize hyper-wide compositions which capture the expanse and majesty of the world.

“Visuals that are immersive and make us feel as though we are part of them are highly effective, because they wake us up, thrill us, and remind us that we are tactile, sensory creatures.”


With so many companies trying to harness the user-generated, “real-life” sensibility, they run the risk of looking the same. How can you take a subject like an office meeting and turn it into something new? How do you differentiate? By pushing the boundaries of imagination, and allowing ourselves to be as experimental and playful as possible, we can give new life to photographs. Seek inspiration from everywhere and pay attention to the latest developments in fine art, cinema, science and technology. Look at the world through a lens of fascination and curiosity.

“When imagination is infused into imagery, the results are effective and infectious.”

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