We all understand the value of people we can trust. Think about a best friend, who is your lifeline when the going gets tough. Your doctor, who is a straight shooter, and shares vital information for you to make a health decision. Your coworker, who provides reliable support when you need it most. We all want people like this in our lives, they represent quality relationships that enhance our life experience and help us to feel comfortable and safe. Interestingly, we look for these same qualities in the products and services we buy. If you are marketing your business, you will want to know how to create a website that builds trust.

We Buy What We Trust

These days, we often have too many choices and too little time to make them. We also want to get the best deal we can. Whether you are in the cereal aisle of the grocery store or wading through screen after screen of online shoe options, it can seem like most products have similar qualities and features – making the decision difficult. So how does anyone decide on what to buy? Most customers base their buying choices on trust. Trust comes from meeting and beating customer expectations, and representing a “tribe” worth joining. It is a combination of providing a reliable product and delighting your customer, so they want to come back for more.

Often, a potential client first encounters your business through your website. We will be posting all 4-parts of the blog series in the next few weeks, to identify and explain powerful ways you can create a website that builds trust. You can take a look at Part 1 NOW [click here]!

Part 1 Create a Website that Reflects Your Core Values

Your business stands for something. Those core values should be reflected in the content of your website. From your elevator pitch to your contact page, trust is built through revealing the values you uphold.

Part 2 Build Trust Through A Consistent Brand

Whether describing your goods or services or posting on your blog, you are always building an image of who you are, what you do, and why it should matter to your customer. If that image is cloudy, so is the trust you are building.

Part 3 Transparency Is The New Black

With so much information overload, consumers are getting very good at detecting a message or image that is inauthentic. To win over the trust of a new client, it’s more important than ever to openly, honestly share how you (and your product) will benefit your user. Put your audience in the center of the stories you tell, and speak to them.

Part 4 You Are As Good As They Say You Are

Your reputation is built on the good will of your happy customers. A potential new customer may not believe your website claims at face value, but they will believe a positive review from a trusted third party. There are multiple ways to gather testimonials. We love them all.

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