We love when our clients are happy. We also love when your clients are happy! A big part of making that happen is to treat all clients with consideration and respect… and to give them what they most want. But how do you keep your client happy and make sure everyone in your organization is following suit?

Here is our Arise Top-10 list of great client management practices!

Go the extra mile. Nothing delights a client more than giving that little bit extra. This is a great way to keep your client happy! If they expected something by Friday, deliver it Thursday. If two sketches were promised, throw in a third! Exceed your client’s expectations and you will be the one remembered for the next job.

Soak up advice. There are so many ways to learn and grow. While coursework and books are great (and so is a good Google search) – often, your clients have advice worth listening to. Soak it up and let them know you appreciate the time it took them to give you their wisdom.

Be nice to everyone. Kindness is contagious and feels good. You never know when that client you were really nice to will pass on a referral or help you when you need it most. Plus, being nice is, well, nice!

Stay level headed. Every profession has its share of challenges, and creative design work is no exception. Next time one of your clients is pushing your buttons and causing you some grief, try taking three long, deep breaths. Shift your perspective and keep your cool.

Work as a team. You will get better results every time. Nearly all projects require many people to collaborate because the world is just that complicated. Instead of resisting, put your energy into including. You will be amazed how good it feels and the awesome results working in a group.

Be a good listener. Pay attention. Take it in. There is a reason mindful meditation is all the rage right now. Many of us are waking up to the fact that we aren’t really living in the moment with so many distractions. If you really listen to your client, you will save yourself mountains of grief down the road.

Respond to your messages. Sure, you have texts, emails, instant messages, and voicemail flooding your inbox every day. But here’s the thing… people want a response to their message and think you don’t care if they don’t hear from you. Manners go a long way, so even if it is a single sentence saying, “I am swamped but will get back to you asap,” that’s better than no response at all.

Do your best work. Pride in your work has a ripple effect. It sends out positivity to all sorts of places and feels pretty darn good inside yourself. Even if it is a simple assignment, doing your work with excellence will feel great. Best of all, it’s a way to make your client feel happy.

Learn from your mistakes. When things go wrong, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at why. It could be a kink in your systems, or a miscommunication, or just bad luck. Whatever the reason, making mistakes is often a gift. It helps you learn and grow stronger for next time.

Celebrate your success! Yes, take the time to dance the hallways and toast the team! We all work hard at our jobs and deserve some celebration for all the focus and effort!

Arise offers a free 30-minute session to explore your relationship with your clients and ways you can increase retention. Get in touch if you are ready to take it to the next level and keep your clients happy!