Startups and entrepreneurs are often overwhelmed with the work that goes into expanding their businesses. Sure, you may have an awesome logo and trendy web design, but what solution does your product or service really bring to the table? And how clearly is that being communicated to your target audience? A common mistake entrepreneurs make is focusing on appearances rather than substance.

Customers and clients are on your website looking for a solution. Our goal is for you to be there with the right message.

This Lunch & Learn Workshop Series is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Site optimization – Effectively plan your site UI for success.
In part 1 of the series we will discuss how to plan and direct a website with user friendly UI. This includes having a strong call-to-action on each page, creating a path of least resistance, and the best goal for your prospective customers.

Part 2: Integration Essentials – A primer on the best and most useful plugins and extensions for your WordPress site.
In part 2 of the series we jump into WordPress plugins. They can help your website’s functionality go from good to great. Plugins are available for everything, from creating contact forms to easy to use SEO applications. We have compiled a list of our top WordPress plugins – based on functionality. With years of experience we’ve tried many – get our improved list and effective how to.

Part 3: Drive Traffic – Now it’s time to drive traffic to your site that will lead to conversions.
In part 3 of the series we will focus on how to drive traffic to your site. You want clicks to convert to actual purchases or actions. This is possible through SEO, Ads + Paid Search, and content. Get the best bang for your buck + how to adapt to data you get.

Don’t skip the important beginning steps! You will regret it in the long run.

Join us for a 3 Part workshop series to learn how to plan and manage an effective WordPress site. To make the most of this workshop we encourage you to attend all parts of the series. See you there!

Check out this video of one of our past workshops at Downtown Works.
Hope to see you at our next workshop!