Right now we are working on a website, logo and brand package for a local Naturopath. I intended to write about this really great project and share what we’re working on. I got on a roll, and this quickly became a post about nutrition and eating – a subject I am really passionate about. So here it goes.

I believe in order to make a great website and really craft a brand, we need to dive in and become fast experts in our client’s field. In learning about what a Naturopath really does, my eyes were opened. The Naturopath’s goal is to help people with behavior issues or those who need psychiatric care, and get them symptom-free without the use of pharmaceutical medications. Pretty sweet, right? It’s very legit, managed by trained Doctors, and is a great blend of Eastern and Western Medicine (in my opinion).

Well, we here at Arise, (if you know us on a personal level at all you know this already) like to enjoy life. Enjoy it on all levels. We like to be active, outdoorsy, run races, do handstands, swing on a trapeze and hike. We like to eat good food, crazy delicious foodie foods and try new ethnic restaurants. We’ve even been known to hit up the neighborhood taco stand if they care about the food that is being served. We love to spend time with our lovely families and wonderful friends. It’s a good life. A huge part of the ability to do that is eating well. Quality, natural foods fuel your mind, body and spirit.

For crying out loud, it’s time to eat better people! Have you seen the meme’s on Pinterest “Real Food Rots, Fake Does Not”? That is your first place to start. Keep it fresh. The second is to stay on the perimeter of the grocery store. Maybe dip into an isle for some whole grain rice or farro (love the farro) but for the most part, anything worth eating is on the outside isles of the store.

Do we like to get a burger, fries and a beer sometimes? Hell yes, we do. But the rest of the time, there is a lot more plant matter on our plates than anything else.

So, there’s my rant for the week. Eat plenty of whole, natural foods. Do it. Or not and maybe you’ll need a prescription to do so from our favorite local Naturopath or Doctor when your mind unravels into a clusterf**k of random thoughts, fueled by ultra-processed carbohydrates, refined sugars, chemical enhancers/preservatives and dyes.

I know, I know, we’re designers. What do we know? We are, admittedly, “control freaks” and that gives us the desire to control what we can in our lives (including lifestyle choices!) So if you need any help with a website, logo design or ad we are here for you. Or, if you want to talk nutrition plans, the “Whole 30,” or how to train for a sprint triathlon –  we’re here for that too.

Maybe I’ve gone too far with this editorial blog. We could just go get a beer if that is more your style 😉