We work with lots of small businesses from a great variety of industries. And it’s always amazing to hear about the number of loyal customers that they accumulate over the years. If you are selling an amazing product or service – why not offer Gift Cards? It’s a win-win situation if you ask me.

Below are 4 reasons we believe you should offer and accept Gift Cards for your business.

1. Brings in new customers

When a customer purchases a gift card for a friend, that accounts for an automatic new customer. How many times have people tried out a new business simply because “they had a gift card”, this method really works!

2. Provides instant Cash

You won’t have to wait to make a sale, the second a gift card is purchased – that cash goes straight to your account until it is redeemed. In the meantime, this upfront cash can be used to cover other expenses.

3. Makes your business stand out

Gift Cards are great last minute gifts. Not to mention it’s a convenient way for customers to make quick purchasing decisions. It is important to have gift cards visible to your clients, especially on your website. This way you can offer Gift Cards through your social media and link them to your website.

4. Increases revenue

Most customer’s that receive gift cards consider them free money or a discount, so they are likely to spend more than the value or the card. If your Gift Card is good for a basic service then chances are they will pay a bit more to upgrade their service.


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