What do clients want during a design project? To find out, we asked several of our favorite clients to reveal what mattered most to them when they worked with us on a design project. You might be surprised with what we discovered.

A few things they didn’t say include:

“Make cool stuff.”

“I don’t know, you decide on everything that matters.”

“I want something so awesome it will earn you Design Awards.”

“Surprise me… and don’t worry about the cost.” LOL

Here is what they DID say [and what we plan to always remember, while working with every one of our clients]:

A good return on my investment.

Clients understand that to make money, they need to invest in their business. When they invest in a website or corporate logo, they anticipate an increase in visibility, number of clients, and sales. That seems pretty darn reasonable to us.

Ease my burden.

Clients are often stressed, worried or unclear about how to market their business. They are looking for support from a team they can trust, one who performs consistently over time. They want to buy marketing and design expertise that helps them sell their product while they concentrate on doing what they do best.

Develop a long-term relationship.

Most clients are searching for a firm that can support them for years to come in many different ways. They don’t want to search for a new vendor every time they launch a new product. Each project, big and small, builds the trust and understanding that is a hallmark of a quality creative relationship that lasts. There is a reason we fondly refer to these clients as, “bread and butter.” Yum.

Help me make my boss happy.

When a client is part of a larger organization, they have a boss. They want to look good to their boss and manage the project on time and on budget with a great result and minimum churn. When that happens, they look good, we look good, and everybody wins. Cause for celebration!

Deliver good value.

Hey, we can’t blame them. With a limited resource, clients are shopping for a good deal. They want to get as much as possible for their investment, so they increase the likelihood that the project will be a success. It’s the capitalist way. Just remember, when it comes to buying specialist skills, you often get what you pay for.

Include design quality.

This client wish manifests in many different ways. What do clients want? Sometimes it’s about logo placement and color choice. Other times, it’s insisting on using a certain photo somewhere on the site… But whatever the client sees as design quality, it is usually for the purpose of “leaving their mark” or increasing their bottom line.

Be heard, understood, and respected.

OK, this one reads like one of “the basics” your Momma taught you years ago. It did, however, make the list. It is so surprising how many times creative business relationships lack this fundamental client wish. Strong communication is the bedrock of all design projects. Always. And if you get it right, everyone feels good.
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