Case Study

Adapt Functional Movement Center


Beyond what you were told is possible.

That's what Adapt promises each and every one of its members - that regardless of their disability, their prognosis isn't a final verdict restricting them to a life of "won'ts" and "can'ts." Adapt Functional Movement Center is a 501(c)3 organization that provides a complete recovery and treatment experience for individuals with movement disabilities. Based out of San Diego, CA, Adapt provides its members access to world class facilities and equipment, a holistic and custom-tailored treatment regimen, and a team of staff second-to-none in their field.

The Adapt Movement brand represents hard work, determination, perseverance, learning, growth, and perhaps most importantly - hope. Arise Design + Brand worked with Adapt to solidify the foundations of their brand and develop a complete web presence to inform and service its members as well as spread its message to individuals around the world afflicted with debilitating conditions.


When Adapt came to us, they knew what and who they were. They knew what their mission was and understood the importance of having a strong brand and digital presence in the pursuit of serving their members. What they needed, then, was guidance on how to communicate that vision and purpose, and the foundations of a visual identity that extended beyond just their logo.

Adapt had an existing bootstrapped website. It was clear that they needed a more powerful solution that facilitated the various aspects of their organization such as events management and ticketing, sales of apparel and equipment, and the intake of donations, all while not sacrificing the website's main goal - to cultivate membership and expand the company's impact footprint.


Arise delivered to Adapt a two-fold solution that met both their brand and digital experience needs. A comprehensive brand and style guide now governs all brand aspects the organization's communications. The organization now operates with an understanding of how their identity connects to their customers' expectations and how to meet and exceed those expectations. Most importantly, they are now leveraging their brand identity as a tool to further their mission and expand their impact.

Arise managed to deliver a website for Adapt which seamlessly combined the diverse array of activities needed by the organization. By beginning the process with Critical User Journeys (CUJs) and ensuring that those were streamlined through every step of the process, the Adapt website adeptly services the needs of its members while retaining its primary purpose as a tool to attract new members and further its mission.