Case Study



With an idea that started right here in San Diego, California, WD-40 is an incredibly versatile product with a variety of uses that span across multiple aspects of everyday life. It can lubricate, loosen, displace moisture, protect against corrosion, and restore shine to tarnished surfaces. Naturally, these benefits are relevant in the event of harsh storms, both in preparation and recovery, for an array of different objects around the house.


While a fully-established household name here in the United States, WD-40 has not fully penetrated the central and south American markets. They sought an awareness campaign to communicate the benefits of WD-40 to their Latin-American audience in advance of the 2018 hurricane season, touting its many uses around the home and garage. The limited-run campaign, consisting of both advertisements and digital experience, would also serve as a barometer for the level of conversation they could generate as they continue to look for ways to improve adoption of WD-40 Multi-use throughout Latin America


Arise Design + Brand partnered with Katana Media (now BVAccel) to deliver an end-to-end solution that met all of WD-40's needs. Arise handled the creation of creative assets and the develop of the engaging, interactive, educational digital experience. Katana worked with WD-40 to manage the deployment of various ad strategies to generate impressions on the page and track relevant KPIs.

The limited-run campaign generated over 40,000 targeted impressions. Reporting on KPIs is still in progress.