How to write a website “fast pitch” in 3 easy steps!

Web copy is totally different than print copy. Web copy is scanned more often than read. Your web visitors are hunting for information or products, especially when they land on your home page. They make quick decisions, and are on your web page for seconds, not minutes! So how can you persuade web visitors to be interested in you and your services (then take action) if they don’t spend much time reading your text? By creating a website fast pitch!

Assume your web visitors are “on the hunt” and give them what they want to know very quickly. Very often your site visitors are looking for specific information or for a product to buy. They are asking themselves if your website offers what they’re looking for, and wanting to quickly and easily figure that out. Let’s assume you have 10 seconds to catch your new visitor’s attention and deliver top-level information about your company to capture their interest. How do you do it? Provide a “fast pitch!” Here’s how you write one:

 1. Write down what you want your ideal client to know.

First, describe your ideal client and think about what THEY are looking for: For example, “Our ideal client is the established AZ home owner who is concerned about lifestyle, the environment, interested in investing a minimum of 50 K in a remodel. Our ideal client is looking for a design firm with broad experience, a traditional southwest interiors portfolio, and a focus on incorporating reused and natural materials.

Who you are: Describe your company. For example, “We are a “green” interior design company in Tucson Arizona. We have 5 designers and have been in business for 8 years. We are all certified and are multiple award winners. We work well as a team and take great care of our clients. We are all native to the area and love our jobs.”

What you do: Describe your services or the products you sell. For example, “We design and implement interior remodels for homeowners in the greater Tucson area. Our area of specialty is working with clients to create eco-friendly modifications to their traditional home. Our design emphasis is on green remodels using recycled materials.”

What is unique about your company: Think about how you can differentiate your company from your competitors and appeal to your ideal client. For example, “We are the only Tucson firm with in-house HERO affiliated expertise. Our board certified interior designers can create beautiful living spaces and incorporate long-term sustainability into your home. We have long established vendor relationships with eco-friendly manufacturers.”

 2. Write four powerful sentences about your company.

Take a look at your blurbs above. Reduce each blurb to one sentence. For example, in “who you are”, it might be enough to say, “We are an interior design firm” and save all the rest of the information for the “About” section on another web page. You are looking to include the most important information only!

3. Use these sentences to write your fast pitch!

You have the option of combining ideas or reducing your text one more time to create a pitch that speaks directly to your target market and convinces them to dive deeper into your site. When in doubt (about a detail), throw it out. You want this pitch to be the essential “who, what, why” pitch, custom created to appeal to your future client. Finish your pitch with a call to action. Let your visitor know what you would like them to do next!

For example, “We are Greenleaf Interiors – an experienced interior design team that creates high end, beautiful custom remodels for your Arizona home. Greenleaf transforms your lifestyle and integrates long-term energy use sustainability! Work with someone as concerned about the environment as you are. Contact us now.”

Congratulations! You now have killer copy perfect for your web home page! You have created a powerful fast pitch that communicates the essence of your business for any visitor to quickly scan and take action! Don’t stop now! Let us help you incorporate your fast pitch into an existing site, or talk about creating a new website with a powerful new brand! Contact us to get the conversation started…